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Our Story - Andiamo | Italy Themed Subscription Box

Our Story

The Andiamo Story

A girl, a dream, and an Italian obsession.

I was bitten by the travel bug at the age of 14 and I’ve never looked back. I have traveled alone, with large groups, with friends, with family and with my children. My adventures have taken me from orphanages in Mexico to summers spent vaccinating villagers in Paraguay; from cramped hostels and dirty backpacks to luxurious quarters in renovated castles.

Despite my global wanderings, I am consistently drawn to Italy. I wish I could pinpoint the one reason why I always return, but Italy is simply complex for that.

I started my custom travel planning company, Once in a Lifetime Travel, in 2006 to help others discover the joy of Italy. In 2015 I launched my small group tours for women (and I’ve never laughed harder in my life). My dream for the future? To help girls travel who might never have had the chance.

But what to do when one can’t hop on a plane?

How could I help bring Italy home?

Andiamo was born because Italy is more than just the physical trip. Italy is the experiences, the people, and the way all of our senses are captivated. It is that feeling of community, the slower pace and the quiet enjoyment of the little things.

Andiamo brings Italy home through Italian themed box items (I seriously can’t wait for you to see them!) but also through our online community and interactive videos. You get to meet me, get to know my producers and artists, and connect with other Italiophiles.

No plane ticket required.